Bikram Yoga Bali in Seminyak

Bikram Yoga Bali

Opening soon, in the heart of Seminyak Bali-Bikram YogaFX is the new, slightly unconventional, yet dynamic Canggu Bali-hot yoga studio.

YEP, the YogaFX team is frantically beavering away right now, to bring their specifically designed hot yoga classes, right to your office doorstep!

A contemporary twist on traditional yoga, YogaFX is the perfect blend of Bikram yoga, hatha yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, and pilates.

The perfect FREE Bikram Yoga Class, right in the heart of Canggu Bali. That’s right, a Bikram Yoga Studio (environmentally friendly, NO ELECTRIC MUNCHING HEATERS, all-natural, gorgeous Bali heat) Opening soon, in the heart of Canggu Bali. Bikram YogaFX is the NEW, slightly unconventional, yet dynamic Bikram Yoga Studio Canggu.

Yep, the YogaFX team is frantically beavering away right now. But what do our students have to say?

Bikram Yoga Bali


Bikram YogaFX, Bali’s brand new Bali-hot yoga studio is the perfect introduction to yoga for those who want to have a stab, without the worry of being met with any of the stereotypes of traditional yoga classes.😃

Opening soon in the heart of Canggu, our contemporary studio is everything you would expect from a premier fitness studio. Running hot yoga classes throughout the day and night to fit around your busy schedule, our workouts encompass poses for absolute beginners, as well as for those advanced practitioners. 👍

Bikram Yoga Bali


Whether you come once, twice, 3, or 4 times a week, our hot yoga class is suitable for everyone… 😃
No matter what your level of fitness, there are modifications to challenge and inspire you, and with regular practice, you will quickly feel and see the benefits for yourself.

Our friendly and down-to-earth Bikram YogaFX instructors are there for whatever you need – they can personally help you every step of the way, or will leave you alone if you just want to have asleep!💤
We are a ZERO CHANTING, arrogance-free zone… ensuring the egos and the tie-dyes are left firmly at the door

Bikram Yoga Bali


But what is Bikram YogaFX hot yoga?

YogaFX provides an efficient 60 minute, or more relaxed 90-minute hot yoga class targeting all the major components of fitness – STRENGTH, BALANCE, AND FLEXIBILITY whilst stressing the aerobic system.

Our style is a blend of hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga, and pilates, all done in natural Bali heat …you will feel the heat, you will sweat, and you will detoxify. With your skin being the largest organ on your body, it is responsible for both defences of foreign substances as well as the elimination of toxins via sweat.🔥

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Staying healthy and fit is a desire many people have, and those who practice yoga are no different. However, there is a premise that yoga alone can maintain good health, which may seem like more of a marketing gimmick than a viable, exercise conclusion. However, YogaFX is far more than an exercise or sport. It represents and incorporates a fundamental balance of physical and mental performance. So there’s a viable possibility that yoga can be VERY EFFECTIVE in improving and maintaining good health.😃

  • yogafx body anatomyCardiovascular performance
  • Strength-building and flexibility
  • Improved body composition
  • Improved mobility-Stronger core
  • Reduced body fat
  • Plus many many more

YogaFX Teacher Training Bali Main Event February 2021

Our RYT200 Hours 19 Day YogaFX Teacher Training Bali starting on Monday, February 8th will include your participation and involvement in The International Day of Yoga Bali on Sunday 21st June with over 2000 students participating. YogaFX will be actively INVOLVED in the preparations, press conferences, and demonstrations on this Internationally Celebrated Day of Yoga Bali**June Event Only

FITNESS, IN GENERAL, is a vague term used to define people being healthy and capable of performing the physical feats they want to regularly. This includes being able to physically move and exercise without pain, delay, loss of breath, strength and similar.
Traditionally, many use cardiovascular exercise and weightlifting or resistance to develop a state of fitness. However, can do the same as well.

There is no better time to give your entire body and mind the rejuvenating boost!