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Our RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali has been designed with a clear understanding of the level of knowledge and experience that our prospective yoga students will possess.

If you are a beginner, new to yoga, or have yoga experience, this Yoga Teacher Training course is perfect for you!

We will take you to step by step to become an RYT 200 hour’s Yoga Alliance Certified.

YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training Academy in Bali gives you the tools to transform your life and deepen your yoga practice while simultaneously being a catalyst for transformation for people worldwide through the medium of yoga.

Our RYT 200 yoga teaching course in Seminyak will address many elements of healthy living and well-being.

RYT 200 hour Yoga Alliance in Bali is a multidimensional study for those interested in teaching yoga, simply furthering their practice, or looking for a complete career change.

Why not use your yoga retreat in Bali as a gateway to developing your awareness, discover keys within yourselves to naturally begin the process of healing, and strengthening your mind, body, spirit connection through yoga?

YogaFX Teacher Training focuses primarily on building physical strength, meditations, lectures on Anatomy/physiology, and discourses on yoga’s history, styles, and benefits.

We balance our daily yoga practice’s learning physical nature with lectures, posture alignment clinics, teaching practice, and dialogues.

We will teach you, our yoga student, how to lead a yoga class.

Every student will have the opportunity to deliver their first class within a safe, supportive environment.

Of course, our program also extensively covers proper teaching techniques, how to avoid injuries, and how to help yoga students’ progress effectively from novice to professional level.

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