How to Become a Yoga Teacher [10 Tips To Be The Best Revealed]

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Have you noticed Yoga is more popular than ever? Do you try to find out How to Be a Yoga Teacher that helps you be the best teacher ever? New yoga studios are opening every minute. People are feeling good, looking good, and getting excited about sharing their love of the practice.

Yoga Is The New Black

Teaching yoga class has become the new “it” job. It allows you to travel around the world and meet different cultures, or build your own successful practice at your local yoga studio, with the flexibility of yoga teaching full time or part-time

As a newly graduated yoga teacher, how do you not get lost in a sea of tens of thousands of yoga teachers already in the yoga bubble?

How do you stand out?

What makes you different?

How do you get people to come to your class and share your classes with others?

What is the unique quality that makes your yoga class an extra-ordinary experience?

Is your yoga class fun, inspiring, progressive, a great relaxation meditative practice, or is it heaven help you, yoga boring.

Does your 60-minute hatha yoga class help perpetuate the yoga stereotype? 97% of the population say that yoga is boring.

The dominant reason that yoga students will not come back to a yoga class or even try a yoga class, is not because it was hard. They don’t come back because it was boring, for them.

There is only one reason that of two yoga classes practising in the same sequence, one class is busy and one class is empty. The teacher. That’s it!

We will demonstrate to you how one Hatha yoga sequence given by five different yoga teachers results in 5 different classes of the same hatha yoga sequence.

Never let anybody say to you that all Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa classes are the same. They are not if you have a great teacher.

One teacher great teacher can teach the same Hatha yoga sequence in 30 + ways without any problem.

We Will Show You How to Become a Yoga Teacher

At YogaFX RYT 200 hour’s International Yoga Teacher Training Academy based in beautiful Bali we will help you to build your yoga teaching skills. Clearly identifying your strengths, and improving markedly your weaknesses. During your yoga teacher training with us, we will help you to find your voice, your style, and your unique approach. And help you to stand out from the crowd.

From this solid foundation, what you want to offer your students, and how you can best serve them will come more clear.

The scariest quote I ever heard was
“You + Yoga Teaching = So What?”

Make no mistake the yoga teaching community is very competitive, with 1000’s of more trained (they may have a certificate, but doesn’t mean that they will be a great teacher) yoga teachers coming into the community every year. This trend will continue for a few more years, and then will find a natural balance, so the net number is the same.

Your timing right now to become a Yoga Teaching Professional is perfect.

Leave it a few more years and will become a little more difficult to find your own space.

You have the desire now you just need the action.

The time gap between desire and action is procrastination, the thief of time.

What do you want to offer the world through your yoga teachings?

The following

10 Tips That Help You How to Teach Yoga Class

Is a simple guide to provide you with the basics of building a successful yoga practice?

Top 10 Yoga Teacher Tips

1. The Journey Begins – Your Own Regular Yoga Practise

Your desire to become a yoga teacher started by taking your own yoga classes, right.

You saw something, felt something, heard something, talked something, did something that turned on your light, made you sit up and think.

I can do this!

You thought this yoga class is brilliant, this yoga class is rubbish, I want to teach like this, or I can teach better than this. The main influence of course was the teacher. The same as it was in school.

You liked or disliked a subject primarily because of the teacher, and so it is with your yoga class.

Once your yoga teaching light has gone on, set aside at least 3 to 4 times a week to roll out your mat.

You will find the yoga classes that you now practice will have a new purpose. Not only are there the well-known health benefits of taking regular yoga classes, but now you will be listening more intensely, thinking about your own practice a bit more.

You will top yourself just going through the motions. Start to research yoga online, maybe even sending off emails for more information on RYT 200 hour’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India, Bali, Europe, and other places.

As you start to think more positively about becoming a professional yoga teacher, you would need to at least have a solid 3 to 6 months practice under your belt.

2. The Next Step – You Deserve Excellent Training.

There are 1000’s of yoga studios, business investors, online operators dotted around the globe, all offering an uninspiring, unregulated, unregistered yoga teaching courses and charging in most cases upwards of $2500.

Like with any service industry there are the pretenders and there are serious contenders.

At YogaFX International Yoga Teaching Academy we talk at length in the article

Before You Enroll Anywhere Read This

Lifting The Lid From The Inside The True Story of What Goes On At RYT 200 Hour’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Make no mistake your Yoga Teacher Training Course is the single most important yoga teaching investment that you will ever make.

How you will spend your time, your money, your resources at the commencement of your new yoga teaching career is vital.

Get this yoga teaching course wrong and end up doing a 4-week yoga workshop for a possible $6000 in expenses when you include course fee, accommodation, food, flights, and clothes, can become a bit of a nightmare.

Not to mention the taking time and holidays off work, separation from family, and as in some cases completely resigning from your job .All of this added together can leave you feeling a little unsettled, to say the least.

Of course, you can always take another yoga teacher training course, when you have reset yourself, saved up again, etc., so all is not lost, but your RYT 200 hour’s Yoga teacher training course will either leave you feeling cheated or elated.

We know, we have done the other courses and listened to all of the student feedback.

Learn how to truly teach an all levels

Hatha Yoga Class.

We would love to hear from you!

Top 10 Yoga Teacher Tips

3. Connect With Your Students

Create a Facebook, Instagram page. This is a central landing point where your students can find you and ask questions. It increases your opportunity to teach more yoga students. You can also ask your students what they might like to see in your classes. Pose questions and be social outside the classroom.

During your teacher training, we will be giving lectures on the use of, and the importance of social media in building your yoga community.

4. Have A Yoga Class Plan

It is very important to develop a go-to class in your teaching arsenal; that you have a yoga class that always works.

During your RYT 200 hour’s Yoga teacher training course in Ubud Bali, we will teach you the world’s most popular Hatha yoga sequence, and how to deliver it. We know it works. It is the world’s most popular sequence for a reason

You will never get lost in your class, never experience a class freeze. Most importantly your students will maintain their motivation by being able to benchmark their progress each week as they become more familiar with your sequence. They will increase their flexibility and general well-being, leading them to become a natural promotor of your teacher and your yoga classes. Everybody wins.

As your confidence improves along with your timings and dialogues, you can add more postures, and switch things up a bit. But, you need a solid foundation first from which to build your class.

You need to understand the

Relationship with yourself.

Before you can understand the

Relationship with your students

Teaching yoga is great!

5. Create Great Themes For Your Yoga Class

Setting a class theme is becoming one of the yoga class buzz terms these days.

Try not to overthink these things. Teaching a yoga class comes from your heart not through struggling to find an impressive theme.

I tend to only be an observer.

My theme is my intention, and the inspiration comes from what is going on in my life at that moment, happy, sad, excited, new experience, loss of someone, etc. All of these real-life experiences as a teaching relevance throughout your yoga class. We can show you how to bring your authentic self through your yoga classes.

Be yourself.

Your students want to meet

The Real YOU!

Top 10 Yoga Teacher Tips

6. Smile While You Are Teaching

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

But you would be amazing at how many yoga teachers out there today have bad attitudes.

We have all taken a class where the teacher is completely disengaged, disinterested, unfocused, and the list goes on. They bring all of their life dramas to your yoga class. As if you don’t have enough going on already.

It reminds me of using personal trainers at the gym; the majority just don’t seem to have any interest whatsoever.

Well, it’s the same with yoga teachers. You all know the one teacher(s) that are too arrogant and moody. I remember a yoga studio in Sydney Australia. The owner was one of the most arrogant, moody people you would ever meet, and a reputation of that to match. But it was the only yoga studio back then some 15 years ago. Suffice to say the studio no longer exists as more choice has opened up.

It’s not surprising is it that takes a while to find you’re go-to the teacher.

I used to always make a special effort to go and take a class a yoga class with a brilliant yoga teacher in Seminyak Bali. His class was always different, his energy and enthusiasm were infectious.

As was his passion, motivation, and knowledge of yoga that had people coming from all over Bali to fill his class. Other classes in the same studio were always empty.

The secret, he will be taking some classes for us on our next RYT 200 hour’s yoga teacher training in Ubud Bali. It’s a class not to be missed.

Yoga students come to see you as their yoga teacher, not a fancy yoga studio with no soul.

So, it doesn’t matter where you are, or where you teach, in a car park, on a roof, in a boardroom, if you are consistent in mind-body, attitude and, have a solid foundation yoga sequence, you will have yoga teaching freedom.

Students don’t remember what you said, they don’t remember what you did, they remember how you made them feel!

7. Connect With Your Students

Be early to your classes and stay after so that students know they can come to you with concerns or questions. Be accessible and approachable as a teacher. Meet students where they are in their practice because snobby, self-righteous, and judgmental yoga teachers end up with no students. You want to empower not diminish in your teachings.

8. Be Encouraging To Those Who Are Struggling

A kind word or compliment, and a little push goes’ a long way to building someone’s confidence. Making your yoga student feel at home is the most important. Especially the newcomers who may feel a little out of place and awkward. Your students want to be seen by you. It can be scary for people to enter the studio. Making them feel welcome goes a long way in helping your students get on their mats regularly.

9. If You Can, Take Your Yoga Class To A New Location

Once you have mastered the above and have a good solid regular student community, feel free to change locations, and venues. Practice in a park or at the beach. It is good for you and your student to become confident and experienced in teaching yoga without always the controlled environment of the yoga student.

Top 10 Yoga Teacher Tips

10. Most importantly, Be Yourself

The overarching message in these few tips should be loud and clear.

It is that once you have been taught a popular hatha yoga sequence by the right RYS 200 hours, once you know what to say when to say it and how to say it, the rest is easy.

You cannot build a beautiful home without a solid foundation. That’s It!

Once you have a solid foundation, you can build your house 100 stories high if you want to.

Even the sky isn’t your limit.

Your RYT 200 hour’s Yoga Teacher Training is your foundation.

You are reading this article because you care. Choose your Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School wisely.

The privilege of being a yoga teacher is an empowering responsibility.

Explore your great sense of humor or rhythm or attention to detail with your class. When you put something out there that is uniquely you the people who are drawn to that will show up to your classes. There is something magical that happens when you connect with people who are truly interested in what you are offering.

Be in the moment, because that moment is so powerful!

Remember you have something extraordinary to share with the world!

At YogaFX International

Yoga Teacher Training Academy

Our mission is

To Graduate The World’s Greatest

RYT 200 hour’s Yoga Teachers for

The World’s Best Price – Every time!


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