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hatha yoga teacher training
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Our staff is of high regard as an international hatha yoga teacher training.

They will guide you through every step of your hatha yoga teacher training in Bali.

Taking elements from the world’s most popular yoga series, we can build your solid yoga teaching foundation.

From this solid foundation, we can then teach you how to vary your classes.

Add postures, take out poses.

Do only a floor series, do only a fixed sequence, combine both.

Run a 45 min yoga class, a 60 min yoga class, 75 min or a 90 min yoga class, and even a 2-hour yoga class.

We will teach you a Hatha Yoga standing series, a Hatha yoga floor series, a yoga spine strengthening series, a hatha yoga balancing series, a plank series, and much much more.

With these Yoga Pose Modules and The 30 Most Important Keywords for Yoga Teaching guides, you will feel super confident, healthy, and enthusiastic. You will embrace the freedom of teaching your yoga class effortlessly.

You don’t have to worry about what I should do and what to say next!

Believe me, this happens ALL the time in other courses.

Once you have a reliable and confident sequence of yoga teaching dialogue, you will feel so empowered, presenting yourself in front of students. Most important, along with “The 30 Most Important Keywords For Yoga Teaching”. No matter what unexpected turn of events that may happen, you will always be able to reset, refocus, and carry on.

We specialize in dialogue coaching, timing, class management, finding your voice, plus much, much, more.

You will learn the 30 Most Important Keywords For Yoga Teaching and offer you a real-life class teaching opportunity.

Know what works, what doesn’t use, how to take a class full of students with you, or get left behind as they get bored.

Learning class preparation, class setup, theming, intension, class etiquette, and how to anchor your class.

Preparing for the unexpected, sickness, fainting, attitude, injury, lateness, external disturbances, talking, etc.

You will have the ability to always come back to your last point, your anchor, and carry on your yoga class as yoga teaching professional. How?

Because our responsibility at YogaFX is to teach you, our yoga teacher training student, a solid foundation hatha yoga series routine, and expert dialogue.

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We will teach you what to say when to say it, and how to say it while developing your inner voice, personality, and yoga teaching style. This confidence funnels through you, giving your students a positive and memorable yoga class experience.

Remember, you will have a room full of 30+ personalities looking at you and waiting on your every word. We will have you fully prepared like no other Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School can.

We know this because we have done their RYT 200-hour yoga courses in Bali, India, Australia. All of our teaching team have the experience to prepare you in every way, with over a collective 20,000 hours of teaching experience between us.

We are all real teachers, practice regularly, and live yoga.

We are passionate about yoga, passionate about teaching, and we love what we do.

It is our privilege and honor to share our knowledge and yoga experiences with you.

YogaFX Learn Yoga

Our owner, Ian, has traveled the world many times, teaching yoga in many countries to many different cultures. He has been involved in many Yoga Teacher Training courses in India, America, Thailand, and Bali, guiding over 1000 yoga students through their graduation.

A vast range of yoga teaching experiences available to you as Ian is today still involved 100% in RYT 200 hour’s course, giving lectures, teaching, and support.

YogaFX International RYT 200 hour’s Yoga Teacher Training Academy here in Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu has contacts worldwide throughout Asia, Europe, China, and more.

We will provide on request any recommendation letters of support for any of your future career opportunities.

Our RYT 200 YogaFX students are taught a complete hatha yoga series as their platform.

You will be a qualified yoga teacher. Ready to teach any yoga class from 45 mins to 2 hours anytime, anywhere in front of beginners, advanced, corporate, or private students.

It’s a freedom in your ability that only a professional Yoga Teacher Training Academy can give to you.

How does that sound?

Create your future and live into it.


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