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With us, you will experience the best yoga lectures you can ever get to become a Certified Yoga Teacher!

During your RYT 200 hour Yoga teacher training course, there will be up to 3 lectures every day. Each class will have a specific format and present via PowerPoints, videos, interactions, and demonstrations.

Our yoga teacher training is design to be instructional, educational, motivational, and fun.

Most of our YogaFX teaching staff have attended lectures of other RYS’s. Some of the Yoga Teachers that are registered; otherwise, a lot of Yoga Teacher is not. So please confirm with the Yoga Alliance.

Up to half of their students fall asleep during the lecture.

True. We have been there.

Of course, tells you two things. First, the teacher giving the lecture is not experience or interest in their subject. And second, the presentation is uninspiring, although it may be a crucial topic.

Even if you are tired, your lectures come together, where so many of them have other yoga teaching areas.

All of our lecturers are specifically selected, not only for their expertise in their chosen field but, most importantly, for how they communicate and interact with the yoga student.

If you have a specific field of talent and interest in our group, please reach us. We will allow you to present. Just drop us an email if you would like to consider, and please let us know your specialist field and experience.

The topics covered during your yoga teacher training can be vast.

So once we have complete the mandatory course work lectures, there will also be presentations. Those wanting to advance and depend on their yoga educational experience keep things fresh, contemporary, and motivating.

The topics covered can include and are not limited to the following.

  • Ayurveda – What are it and its relationship with Yoga. This ancient science grew from the same philosophy as Yoga and Buddhism. So be aware through the context of Doshas, Gunas, Prana, Tejas, and Ojas.
  • Meditation – What is meditation? You will learn about different mediation techniques, TM, mantras, breathing, visualization, chanting, OM, open eye, etc. We will guide you through a 20-minute meditation class every day, just after your morning class.
  • Chakras – What are The Chakras, and how they work with yoga. There are many layers to understanding Prana and how it moves through the Chakras. This pranic life force and its influence on our nervous system are the very foundation of what makes you so powerful during your yoga practice.
  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga – How the 8 Limbs of Yoga demonstrate and affect every one of us through everyday life. Love, hate, revenge, resentment, jealousy, greed, relationships will be cover through the window of the eight limbs.
  • What is It Buddhism? The story of the Noble Truths
  • Law of Attraction – The quantum and neuroscience of the brain.
  • Teaching Your Yoga Class – start-finish times, open door or lock door, unruly students, talking, sickness, class set up, moving mats, phones, your voice, spillages, water bottles, injuries, finding your voice, and the list goes on.
  • Yoga Ethics
  • Nutrition – The science behind food, calories burned, different diets, do’s and don’ts, sugar addiction, comfort eating, weight, and health management.
  • Anatomy and Physiology – Our Nat n Physic lectures are quite simply the best.

Yoga Teacher Training Lecture

Our lectures connect to each one of the postures within your practiced yoga sequence.

Therefore, everything we do in the lecture is complimentary, coordinated, and connected to each of the postures we are working on the day.

So, there is nothing generic in our anatomy lectures, as in other RYS’s.

Imagine being able to see a posture, learn it, say it, and present. Above all, firmly and confidently, with all of its benefits!

Wow! This is a certified yoga teacher!

Hopefully, you can see that we think about our every action.

We will communicate and deliver a lecture program that is contemporary and relevant and interesting, fun, and educational.

Taking your hard-earned cash and merely going through the motions and giving you a certificate is not what we believe.

We do everything with passion for certified yoga teacher

It’s precisely our goal to teach you to Graduate as one of The World’s Greatest Certified Yoga Teachers.

Life is about one thing –Your contribution to It


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